* Student Prices allow our pupils to attend unlimited classes over all the genres we offer. These include Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Street, Stretching, Pointe and Musical Theatre.

Pricing: Prices shown only apply when paid within the first 5 weeks of the term. A late payment penalty of 10% will be applicable if payment is received during the last 5 weeks of the term.


Extra discount is applied when a pupil attends more than one class.


Family Discount: An extra discount of 20% applies when 2 or more pupils from the same immediate family attends lessons.

Term times  2021


Summer Term - Monday 19th April to Saturday 24th July 2021

Autumn Term - Monday 6th September to Saturday 18th December 2021


Summer Half Term - Monday 31st May to Sunday 6th June 2021

Summer Holiday - Monday 26th July to Sunday 5th September 2021

Autumn Half Term - Monday 25th October to Sunday 31st October 2021

Christmas Holiday - Monday 20th December 2021 to Sunday 2nd January 2022